USDM Reserves - Attestations

Mountain Protocol engages with UK accountants working at Nephos Group. Reports are signed by ATA registered accountants, license: here.

As part of our commitment to enhanced transparency, two different attestations are issued for each month:

  • Attestation report: attests to USDM Reserves balance, USDM issuance and USDM being fully collateralized at a point in time.

  • USDM Reserves full transactional verification: attests that all transactions involving USDM Reserves were done in line with policies and regulations (will be added soon)

Given that the "Full transactional verification" requires a full reconciliation of the month, this report is released later than the "Attestation" report.

All attestations can be independently verified in the Nephos website.

NOTE: USDM Reserve attestations are Accountant Reports and not audits, in line with industry standard and to ensure timely availability of information. Mountain Protocol has yearly financial audits that review USDM Reserves as part of the process.

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