Mountain Protocol Platform

The Mountain Protocol platform allows Primary users (users with an approved Mountain Protocol account) to purchase and redeem USDM at a pegged value of $1.

To open an account, incorporated business users need to apply and undergo KYC/AML screening. This process usually takes 24hs from the submission of all required paperwork.


The Mountain Protocol platform allows users to gather digital asset wallet addresses and wire details to fund their accounts. All funds in the platform are auto-converted to USDM once settled. The USDM balance can be withdrawn via direct transfer to an allowed EOA in USDM or USDC or to a bank in USD (to be activated soon).

Users can choose to custody their USDM directly within the Mountain Protocol platform, where USDM balances will accrue rewards in the same way as if they were held in external addresses. However, in line with crypto guiding principles, we suggest users self-custody their assets.

Users are responsible for controlling and securing access to the Mountain Protocol Platform. If you have any doubts about potential compromises, please reach out as soon as possible so the team can freeze your account and allow time to investigate and create new accesses.

Note that losses related to user mismanagement of credentials are not Mountain Protocol's responsibility.


Users can access the portal directly to transact with USDM. The portal is similar to Circle/Tether/Paxos or other Enterprise financial platforms.

The portal is protected with enterprise-grade security practices. We suggest users who choose to use the portal only give access to users with signing power within their account limits.


Users can integrate with the Mountain Protocol platform via API. This allows for faster transactions, especially for Arbitrageurs/ Market Makers. Such APIs are built in line with best practices.

For more information on the API, refer to the API Reference.

Accepted means of payment


Users can purchase USDM with USDC. Balances will be credited in the platform when funds settle (usually in seconds) and are ready to withdraw.

Other stablecoins may be added in the future, pending sufficient market demand and a fast and efficient way to off-ramp such stablecoins to minimize USDM Reserves exposure to non-T-Bill assets.


Wire transfers will be live soon.


The platform was built to protect users by implementing enterprise-grade security features, including:

  • Username and secure password scheme

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

  • Whitelisted wallets with 24h cool-down period

  • IP whitelisting (optional)

  • Suspicious activity tracking

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