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Mountain Protocol Documentation

Mountain Protocol Limited, a Bermuda Limited company, is licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) as a Digital Asset Business, under license #202302512

License can be verified in the official BMA website:

Welcome to Mountain Protocol! We believe in a world where access to the "risk-free rate" is available for everyone in an enterprise-grade and regulated product that is safe for developers to evolve the world finance stack.

Mountain Protocol believes that yield-bearing stablecoins should provide the following:

  • Permissionless composability

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Enterprise-grade setup

  • Seamless User Experience

Mountain Protocol has two products: the USDM token and the Mountain Protocol Platform.

USDM token

The USDM token is a rebasing ERC20 token, redeemable at a pegged 1:1 USD value by primary users. USDM is a fully backed stablecoin, backed by "USDM Reserves", which are held under custody with regulated financial institutions in accounts, segregated from the Company's operating accounts, on behalf of, and for the benefit of, Users.

USDM rebases daily, allowing users to receive rewards. These rewards are generated by the interest paid by the US Treasuries held in the USDM Reserves.

For full details related to rights conferred to USDM holders, click here.

For more details on USDM, visit the page below.

USDM Token

Mountain Protocol Platform

The Mountain Protocol Platform allows Primary users (or Primary Customers, used interchangeably) to purchase or redeem USDM 1:1.

Initially, purchases and redemptions will be enabled for USDC, with fiat payments coming next. Other stablecoins will be considered in the future, pending reliable and affordable off-ramping partners and sufficient market demand.

Mountain Protocol Platform

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